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October 12, 2008


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This might be normal since they grew up together I think...

Is a nice scene, they must be best buddies :-)

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Lovely pics, lovely changes, lovely work.

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tiger is the world's best
whatever they say or in spite of criticism of his behavior is nothing compared

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How on earth did I miss this! I've been wondering for ages if you were going to do something like this and trying to pluck up the courage to ask!

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I like to drink water! Do you like?

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However and for whatever reason, I can't get the freehub body to sit all the way down the nose. It slides down about 3/4 way and stops, i wiggle it and nothing happens. I don't want to force it either and am left just really frustrated.


wow beautiful white tiger. Is it possible to produce a white liger? I mean we have white lions and white tigers both. So theoretically, it should be possible to have a white liger or at least off-white ligers that might not have stripes one them. That would be an awesome creature too :)....

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You're constantly working selflessly to meet your partner's needs, but you're not looking after you.

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Someone reported the sign to Starbucks after walking into Boulders Coffee Lounge, thinking it was part of the Seattle-based chain.

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How sweet the photos are!


That is so adorable!

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