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October 21, 2008


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Neat. And also, apparently you have to be a model to train tigers at this place?

Holy Cuteness

Wow, your pictures are amazing.

Jane M

Barry, your pictures are absolutely beautiful.

Jordans Sneakers

The sea can accommodate all, so we just to see the sea, our heart is infinitely more freedom and broad!


I love the picture of liger there swimming and even watching inside the liger. This picture has a real proof that how much ligers love water... and they have inherited there this trait from the tigers not from lions...

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Very nice, I'd like to visit it that zoo! I've been visiting to many places like that one and I think we can't ignore this initiative because is something different and most people love the tigers, specially the Bengal tiger. 2j3j

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These women rocks! That could be very dangerous.

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