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May Lian

Thien Nhan is an amazing sparkle! You have taken beautiful shots – the pictures speak voluminous; of spunk, closeness & ties, and most of all, the warmth of human touch. It is heartening to know his progress. He is a beautiful kid.

The Trinh family

Thien Nhan story is really touching our heart.We have a son about Thien Nhan age.We wish we can hold him tight in our arms like we hold our son. Thank you so much for the great pictures.Also, we really hope that you can show all of these pics to more people, so they know more about Thien Nhan and lend a helping hand to Thien Nhan's family.
He is such a beautiful beautiful beautiful kid.


Thanks for taking these great pictures! Hope Thien Nhan getting better and better with all the medical helps that he needs. We love Thien Nhan's great spirit. He was not affraid to face with the surgery procedure. What's a brave boy!


good pics and you did good, may i copy some pic 's thiennhan ? thanks very much !


Try take its for more peoples to see! do somethings to help Nhan, you're good photographer!


An excelent story about children: "Thien Nhan". I'm proud of him. He's a beautiful kid. I love him like my son


Everyone try to help Nhan for his future, ok? Thanks very much.


The Thien Nhan photos are brilliant--they really capture his strong character.

But Barry, could you please correct the following detail: Thien Nhan was abandoned at birth and found 72 hours later (not days)? Thanks!

Tracy Tran

Really beatiful baby! Thien Nhan, we love you very much. Thanks Barry so much as your well-done job.

Tran Song Vinh Thuy

It's very greatful to see these pics. They show us a very happy and healthy baby with a very happy family (with his parents). These means alot. May I have some copies of these pics? Thanks


Thank you for these beautiful photos of this beautiful little boy. It's heartbreaking to think of what he had to endure and what he still has to undergo, but thank God he's found two strong and wonderful people as his parents and that he's getting the love and care he deserves. I'm organising a fundraising event for him soon in Singapore, it's the least that we who have so much can do for him.

Mẹ Sóng

Oaw! Thanks for your beautiful photos!

Ot's Mother

Thank you for these very beautiful moments. Love Thien Nhan and all children around the world!
Please allow me to put his image on my desktop

Ot's Mother

We also hope and believe that our little Thien Nhan also has no limitations like Nick Santonastasso who has one arm with only one finger. His right arm ends in a stump a couple of inches from his shoulder and no legs that you posted in your page.

Thanks again

Phuong Tran

Thien Nhan is now well-know all over the world. We all love him and praise for him to be happy, lucky and success on the coming medical treatment.
Thanks a lot, Barry - These picture are really good, I seem to see a brave Thien Nhan in the flesh.
Phuong Tran

Phuong Tran

Thien Nhan is now well-known all over the world. We all love him and praise for him to be happy, lucky and success on the coming medical treatment.
Thanks a lot, Barry - These picture are really good, I seem to see a brave Thien Nhan in the flesh.
Phuong Tran


Such a brave child, Thien Nhan. Thanks for the pictures!!


Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures. Please keep up the good work so we can come back for Thien Nhan's status. Our best wishes to Thien Nhan and his family (and all others out there who need help)


I am a vietnamese citizen. I'd like to say deep thanks to Mr.Barry Bland for taking Thien Nhan to more people. This is really meaningful to me and many people caring about Thien Nhan in VN. I'd also like to express my inspiration for all of your precious supports and heartfelt sentiments toward Thien Nhan. Pls bring him to more people in the world and give him a hand. Thnku so much.

Kim Thuy

Barry, thank you so much for what you have done for Thien Nhan. His innocence and manliness are captured in your beautiful photos. He's so cute and charismatic. We all love him.


Thien Nhan is a brave and beautiful boy. I really admire his strong character. I always bless the best thing to him. I update information about him everyday through Nhat ky Chu linh Chi. I feel happy to read good information about him. I love him so much and hope to meet him oneday.

Tinh Tran

Thien Nhan is the most popular boy and not only people with disability like me admire him but also the non-disabled pax cried when hearing his story. He is an idol boy of full energy and I wish him all the best an had a successful operation for his sex organism. Tinh

Thu Vu

"Thien Nhan" in Vietnamese means "a good person". I hope these photos will be shown to many other people in the world so that they will give more helping hand to him and realize how happy we are to be born in a family,with mom and dad! "Thien Nhan" is a bright mirror of a brave man from birth. Thank you for these beautiful photos.


I am very sorry for his menomation! I see that he is happy without problems, and this is big for him.

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